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    Controlling storage growth in OWM

      We are planning to have a large number of tables enabled for OWM versioning, and we are trying to work through some of the consequences of that.

      Does this seem to be true:

      As history accumulates for versioned tables in the LIVE workspace, our only options for reducing the space consumed by this history are:
      - Disabling versioning for individual tables (which loses all accumulated history)
      - Deleting savepoints/compressing the LIVE workspace, which affects all versioned tables simultaneously. Our ability to do this is constrained by the oldest savepoint in the entire database that we still need (whether for DIFF processing or for research availability).

      So that:
      - We can not plan to have 60-day retention for some tables, 30-day retention for other tables, 90-day for others, etc.
      - We can not selectively reduce the history for a specific versioned table, if it has grown too much; we can only remove all of its history, or reduce the retained history for all versioned tables together.