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    Metric Collection Error

      what would cause the "Metric Collection Error" on the databases that were monitored by OEM?

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          That can have lots of reasons, often depending on the metric affected.
          What metric do you get it for? What is the detail message to the error?
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            What metric do you get it for? What is the detail message to the error?
            I don't have the answers for both questions, all I know was that there were about 40 DBs on this server that were monitored by OEM last week. About 20 of them had "metric collection error" and the rest of them are fine. I am trying to find out what caused these 20 DBs to "metric collection error".

            thanks for your input.
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              You can find detail information about metric collection errors in the alerts tab -> errors. What do you see there for your databases? A metric name and detail message should be shown.
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                Rob Zoeteweij
                Most common cause of Metric Collection errors on Database targets is an ilegal Monitoring User / Password.
                Perhaps this is the case in your situation as well.
                Normally you would use the DBSNMP account to monitor a database.
                When in the Database Targets overview page, press configure
                Here you will find the DBSNMP user as monitoring user.
                Make sure you have entered the correct password for it and make sure the account is unlocked.

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                  Thanks all for your input.

                  Rob, that is the case. DBSNMP and its password, what I don't understand was what triggered the Metric error, the password didn't get changed. Basically, when it had collection metric error, I just want back and click configure and next (without enter the password since it never changed).

                  I just need to find out the root cause since password nothing is changed.
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                    But what if the metric collection error is a single instance on a two node cluster? My DBSNMP user is unlocked on the database. Both instances are up, but OEM 12C says there is a "Metric Collection Error" for one of the instances.