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    Blank screen after cloning database

      EDIT: Please see our reply - Things have changed


      we cloned a working and fully functional database with apex 4 installed on the same host (Note 228257.1).
      The cloned database seems to work normally but apex/the browser shows only a blank/white screen and "redirects" to /pls/clone*/apex* instead of showing the apex pages on /pls/clone (without /apex) like in the normal environment.
      We use the Oracle 10GR2 http server (on a different machine).

      When we shutdown the clone-instance and call /pls/clone we get an 503 (Temporarily Unavailable)
      When we call /pls/clone/apex_admin and we get an "Object not found" error.

      Here is the part of the dads.conf on the http server:
      <Location /pls/clone>
      Order deny,allow
      PlsqlDocumentPath docs
      AllowOverride None
      PlsqlDocumentProcedure wwv_flow_file_manager.process_download
      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString XXX.yyy.de:1521:DBCLONE
      PlsqlNLSLanguage GERMAN_GERMANY.AL32UTF8
      PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
      SetHandler pls_handler
      PlsqlDocumentTablename wwv_flow_file_objects$
      PlsqlDatabaseUsername APEX_PUBLIC_USER
      PlsqlDefaultPage apex
      PlsqlDatabasePassword htmldb
      PlsqlCGIEnvironmentList AUTHORIZATION
      Allow from all
      And here the listener / tnsnames.ora part (same on http server and database host)
      DBCLONE =
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))
      A connection via sqlplus user/pass@DBCLONE works (from both servers).

      What is the problem? We also tried to connect in the dads.conf via
      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString DBCLONE
      instead of
      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString XXX.yyy.de:1521:DBCLONE
      but it did not help either.

      Daniel and Michael

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          We discovered that the database cloning did not succeed completely because the tempfile was not set correctly.

          So we dropped the database clone and cloned again - This time without errors.

          Still APEX does not work correctly but the error has changed:
          1) We get a "Object not found error" (http 404) instead of the white screen
          2) When we type "/pls/clone" a page and sessionid is appended to the url automatically (/pls/clone/f?p=4500:1:3433434343)
          3) We tried to call a public procedure via http (like f is included in APEX_040000 our test procedure was in another scheme) and it works

          But why does apex seem to work but you only see "Object not found"!?