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    Can Oracle (TM) Supply the Oracle Card Readers at the Retail Stores?

      The United States's Board of Education has the SUN RAY 3 on every desktop facility in the School Building throughtout the Nation this new school year 2011 (Fall). We cannot find the Hardware at any retail stores around the Nation. Can Oracle (TM) help us ?; get supplies to the retail stores quickly ,for these features; example:
      - Smart card Readers: 1000,000 Oracle cards in distribution needed at retail stores, such as a Lighted smart card bezel, with dual-sided reader socket, support ISO 7816 T-O and T=1 Interface smart cards, synchrounus cards not supported; supported cards with voltage: 1.8, 3, 5 v and with a Max. card baud rate: 230K
      -Audio- Stereo Headphones output jack and Microphone input jack (1/8- mini jack)
      -Peripheral Interface-Five Universal Serial Bus (USB) Ports; One for Internet Services Provider Personal Numbers Drives and Flash Drives and DVI Video Connector.
      _The Server Software X-Terminals for Microsoft Office:MAC and Windows 8.
      _MAC OS X installation Drive for Notes or Lotus for Notes.
      The Board of Education,(http://www.ed.gov/hardware.accessories.htm) need these required equipment in order to run the hardware on the desktop computers around the Nation. Can you be so kind to report a load to all the retail local stores around the United States? _MariaAkiba Inc.