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    Help!!! CCA API - Conference process


      I have been trying to figure out how to implement Conference through API.
      I have checked API document, and found 3 calls following:

      However I am wondering how I can get a Conference ID after I have called CreateConference() API function call.
      It just returens ServiceResult object, no conference ID.

      Also in messageLooping, I do not see any info for conference id.

      I will appreciate for any tips or help.
      Thanks, Ray.
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          Not sure which version of CCA you are using, I'm using 8.1.1 and have looked at the documentation for 8.1.2..

          From my experience, and I've done this in an attempt to replicate the Warm Transfer function, you do not need a unique Conference ID.

          The basic steps:
          1. Dial Number 1
          2. Dial Number 2 (Put Call 1 on Hold)
          3. Send Number 2 to Conference
          4. Send Number 1 to Conference
          5. Supervised Transfer Number 1
          6. Terminate Conf

          For the actual API calls (I'll presume you've already tested the calling aspect):

          m_interaction.sendToConference("SessionID", "Interaction ID for call 2", -1)
          m_interaction.sendToConference("SessionID", "Interaction ID for call 1", -1)

          At this point you would have 3 active calls, you call 1 and call 2. In my scenario I want to leave call 1 and 2 talking and exit just myself.

          m_interaction.transferSupervised("SessionID", "Interaction ID for call 1", "-1")

          To actually terminate the conference.
          m_interaction.terminateConference("SessionID", -1)

          After that all that is left is to set the outcomes for the 2 interactions (calls) and end their wrap time.

          Hope that helps,