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    Cloning an 11g database via Grid Control 11g

      I am trying to clone an 11g database using Grid Control 11g. I have the database is flashback mode and am backing up using RMAN and a catalog (not controlfile). I am navigating as follows:
      Deployments tab > Cloning > Clone Database
      on the page 'Clone Database: Source Type' I have selected 'Online Backup' but when I click on the find button nothing happens. No pop up window no nothing. I tried manually entering the name of the database I want to clone (gc11g and gc11g.remarkable.mammoth.com) and clicking next but then I get the error "Internal Error: Invalid target name". I get the same response if I select "A backup from a previous clone operation". Is this a bug? I have all the provisioning and high availability patches applied per "Grid Control OMS and Agent Patches required for setting up Provisioning, Patching and Cloning [ID 427577.1]"