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    Oracle Service Registry+Jdeveloper

      Hi All,

      I am trying to integrate Jdeveloper with Oracle Service Registry. I am referring to the Developer Guide for OSR and i want to do the following section:

      *4.1.2. Using the JDeveloper Integration*
      Once you have established a connection to Oracle Service Registry from JDeveloper, you can take advantage of JDeveloper's
      integration features.
      *1. Right-click on an Oracle Service Registry connection in the Connection Navigator and select Find Web Services.*
      *2. Enter a search string to find your service. Use the % symbol to perform a wildcard search.*
      *3. Select the interface, or portType, for the published service.*
      *4. Select the service implementing the interface.*
      *5. Review the information returned for the service to verify it is the one you are searching for.*
      *6. Select the Generate stub code into the project option to generate a client-side stub or proxy for the selected service.*
      JDeveloper generates the stub based on the WSDL published to the Registry.
      *7. Click Open the endpoint of this service in a Web browser to test the service.*
      *8. Click Display a report describing this service to view a report summarizing the UDDI metadata stored in the*
      Registry for the selected service.
      *9. Click Just add the business providing this service to the UDDI browser to add the service provider as a persisted*
      entry under the UDDI Registry connection node in the Connection Navigator.

      I have created the UDDI connection in Jdev. Now when i right click it, i cannot see the "find WebServices" option. Can anyone help me with this

      Thanks & Regards.