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    SUN Server Warranty Lookup Site

      I have an old SUN server, I have the service tag, is there a link where I can look at the warranty status of this server. Please help.
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          There is no single web page where you can do that.
          The closest thing to such a web resource was the old Sun System Handbook, but that isn't freely available any longer. You now need contract privileges to view it.

          All you can do for free is to go get the documentation for whatever that system might be and hope the warranty is mentioned in it.

          If you tell us what model system you have
          (for some reason you didn't think to mention that in your initial post)
          then maybe someone can remember what it shipped with.

          If is was purchased from Sun, then all such systems are probably out of warranty.
          If it was purchased from Oracle, then there may be some warranty left on it.

          Most systems shipped with a one year warranty.
          Some very few models had a three year warranty.

          By the way, I think that what you described as the service tag is actually the chassis serial number. You could always phone Oracle as if you were going to start a support ticket and have them tell you. Coverage is the first step in creating such a SR. If you don't qualify by warranty or contract coverage, they'll be happy to tell you because if there is no coverage you would have to pay for the privilege of logging a request ticket..
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            Thanks rukbat, I'll try calling the SUN support to get the info. THe system model is - Sun Ultra Enterprise 6500
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              itsakc wrote:
              The system model is - Sun Ultra Enterprise 6500
              The Enterprise servers are ALL long out of warranty.
              That includes any system, E3000, E4000, E5000, E6000, E3500, E4500, E5500, and E6500.

              They are also long beyond their End Of Service Life. (EOSL)
              You can't even get service contract coverage for them any longer.

              Your only sources for repair parts are from third-party resellers and (perhaps) online auction sites such as eBay.
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                Here is a link to a non-Oracle web site that has a 2005 version of the Sun System Handbook.
                the information is limited to that old era and will not get updated.
                However there is a lot of useful information for such vintage systems as yours, including part numbers.

                In particular, here is the resource page for the E6500 at that site.

                There are a couple of such unauthorized old mirror sites out there.
                The information is pointedly dated, but it can be found with some creative Googling.