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    Messaging Server (sharing folder) searching LDAP is not indexed, why?

      There's an feature of "sharing a mail folder"
      in JMS (Java Messaging Server), whereby
      a user could share a folder with another user.

      But when a user (uid) is entered into
      the "Admission List" box, and the Add button
      is pressed, it failed with some error messages
      Invalid user and Admin Limit exceeded.

      I've asked in the JMS forum and Shane said

      The "Administrative limit exceeded" error agrees with the Notes=U and etime=12 in the LDAP access log file. The problem is that the search is not indexed and therefore taking long enough to run foul of the timelimit. You will need to consult with Directory Server experts to determine why this search is not indexed and resolve that.

      Could someone enlighten me on what I've
      missed out when I've configured the Ldap
      server during my installation of the JES system