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    Upgrade JVM in sun java system application server

      Recently I've been trying to deploy some new applycation in my sun java system application server 9 running on solaris 8. When I attemp to do it the server throw me a exception because the server jvm is older than my pc jvm. Then I follow the steps I find in http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19501-01/819-3653/819-3653.pdf to upgrade the jvm in the server, however the exception persists. It seems like I have not do anything. Can anyone help tell me how to upgrade the jvm ?
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          You need to delete all the files under the 'generated' directory to force the server to recompile them after the JDK upgrade. Also check in domain.xml and make sure the JVM parameter is pointing to the JDK that you have installed. It is also worthwhile to check asenv.conf to see which JDK that file is pointing to as well.