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    javafx 1.3 with swinglabel displaying html formated texts

      Dear FX experts,

      I am using swinglabel to display html formated text, and it worked fine with the fx 1.2. However, as I moved to 1.3, the showing of the text is not so proper, because I want the content of the swinglabel be shown in the middle of the box(the label itself) I set. However, in 1.2 it's ok, but 1.3 gives me headache: it's not shown on the place it should be, like it's ignoring all the centering attribute I tried to declare...

      any ideas? or suggestions? or solution?
      (ps, it keeps saying a warning if I used the class under ext package, since swingLabel is under ext... maybe it means I can use another class to do this? but I can't find any...)

      my codes would be like the followings:
      public def contentLabel: SwingLabel = SwingLabel {
      text: "<html\><font size=6>test test</font></html>"
      width: 400
      height: 500
      horizontalAlignment: SwingHorizontalAlignment.CENTER
      public function run(){
      Stage {
          scene: Scene {
               width: 800
               height: 600
               content: [contentLabel]
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