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    swapped threads and t_schedflag

      I want to find swapped threads and a article on the internet suggested use the following command:

      echo "::walk thread thr |::print kthread_t t_schedflag|::grep .==0 |::eval <thr=K|::print kthread_t t_procp->p_user.u_comm" | mdb -k

      the command find for threads whose t_schedflag = 0.
      but in /usr/include/sys/thread.h, the values of t_schedflag are defined as below:

      #define TS_LOAD 0x0001 /* thread is in memory */
      #define TS_DONT_SWAP 0x0002 /* thread/lwp should not be swapped */
      #define TS_SWAPENQ 0x0004 /* swap thread when it reaches a safe point */
      #define TS_ON_SWAPQ 0x0008 /* thread is on the swap queue */
      #define TS_SIGNALLED 0x0010 /* thread was awakened by cv_signal() */
      #define TS_PROJWAITQ 0x0020 /* thread is on its project's waitq */
      #define TS_ZONEWAITQ 0x0040 /* thread is on its zone's waitq */
      #define TS_CSTART 0x0100 /* setrun() by continuelwps() */
      #define TS_UNPAUSE 0x0200 /* setrun() by unpauselwps() */
      #define TS_XSTART 0x0400 /* setrun() by SIGCONT */
      #define TS_PSTART 0x0800 /* setrun() by /proc */
      #define TS_RESUME 0x1000 /* setrun() by CPR resume process */
      #define TS_CREATE 0x2000 /* setrun() by syslwp_create() */
      #define TS_RUNQMATCH 0x4000 /* exact run queue balancing by setbackdq() */
      #define TS_ALLSTART \

      the value 0x0000 is not defined.
      Can anyone explain the validity of the use of ::grep .==0 in the above command?

      Thanks in advance.

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          I can not explain the use 0 but it does fix what I am seeing today on:

          uname -a
          SunOS rizzotest 5.10 Generic_142900-11 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220
          cat /etc/release
          Solaris 10 10/09 s10s_u8wos_08a SPARC
          Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
          Use is subject to license terms.
          Assembled 16 September 2009

          1009494.1 shows using 8 but this does not work for me.


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            gleng wrote 24-Aug-11:
            I can not explain the use 0 but it does fix what I am seeing today

            That original post has a November 2009 date on it.
            That is the date it was migrated from the Supportforum-dot-Sun-dot-Com site to the Forums-dot-Sun-dot-Com site. The actual posting date is lost to pre-history.

            The original person never re-registered for that second site, let alone for the Oracle forums, thus the username is a generic one.

            Your reply has value but the original post is far too separated to ever have it get back to them.

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