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    Synchronizing Objects of Schemas

      I have two different databases with different configurations in physically different location. The following scenario is the current system to synch a particular schema from one server to other server on daily basis:
      - Archivelog mode is not enabled in the databases
      - expdp dump is taken in the source server and the dump is copied to the destination server with the help of automatic shell scripts
      - The dump is restored using impdp in the destination server replacing the previous contents using table_exists_action=replace
      - Grants associated are given again
      - Since the size of schema is increasing, the time to transfer the dump is taking more time
      - Datapump utility takes time to restore and the grants associated with the tables needs to be re-executed in the destination server
      Now i want to replicate only the changes in data of the source schema and replicate in the destination server schema.
      Is there any fast advanced method to replicate changes in this mode of database other than using Datapump Utility?
      Please suggest !

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          Oracle has other tools to do that, 1. Oracle Streams, 2. ODI, 3. Oracle Golden Gate....
          If u r ready to invest pls go with it ,,,,

          my best choice would be golden gate, bcos u can do transformations to different databases like ?(Oracle --> Sybase, DB2, Teradata etccccc.....)

          or the other way is u can use RMAN, to backup and restore only the CDC.
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            Will these methods (Golden Gate, RMAN, Streams etc) work for Warehouse environment as well? For non-transactional database where tables are not changed and are used for reporting only?

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