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    OVM Server Ownership in OVM Manager


      I am new to OVM so go easy on me ;)

      Am having a play around with OVM 3 for the first time. I managed to get into a state in OVM Manager where my OVM Server was kind of half discovered, although I was able to "Take Ownership" in the Manager. When I tried to delete it it failed saying it didn't exist. When I tried to re-discover it said it already existed. So in the end I gave up and just uninstalled and re-installed OVM Manager.

      So now I can successfully discover my OVM server, great, I thought, but now when I try and "Take Ownership" of this newly discovered VM server it says it's already owned by another manager:

      OVMRU_000009E Server <my OVM server> is already owned by an Oracle VM Manager.

      Anybody any ideas how I can resolve this?