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    Not able to add buyer in Oracle Purchasing

      I am exploring Oracle Purchasing module.I have completed all the setup steps.I am able to use the application's feature.
      I have also added myself as employee in HRMS.When I am trying to add a buyer,I am not getting any value is dropdown.Can
      you please guide me what step am I missing? I am on

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          Amit J
          Please check whether the right business group is attached to the responsibility through profile option HR : Business Group.

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            Yes Business Group is defined at profile option level.Any other clues?

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              Find the name of an existing buyer.
              Then go to HRMS and find that buyer record.
              Make sure your record is set similarly (including position etc.)
              Then go to sysadmin and make sure that your username is associated with you as the employee.

              Then go to Puchasing > setup > personnel> buyers and create a new record for yourself.

              Hope this helps
              Sandeep Gandhi
              Independent Techno-functional Consultant
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                Is HR: User Type profile is set (as HR User) in the Purchasing responsibility you are using to define buyer?

                /S.P DASH
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                  Not sure if this would help you now, but might be useful for others in future
                  The following steps might help in setting up a buyer and creating PO, in an environment having HRMS installed.

                  1)In Sys admin responsibility Check HR profile options
                  HR: User Type - should be HR with payroll user
                  HR: Security Profile - Either be pointing to the profile which includes the required Business group/ or should be null

                  2) HRMS Manager Resp->People-> Enter and Maintain-> New.
                  Create new employee and create assignment, chosing the correct organization, position and job.
                  Dont forget to fill the email address otherwise notifications will not be sent to this user.

                  3)Sys admin-> security-> user-> query ur user name and assign the new employee under the person tab. Enter email address and save.

                  4) PO SU resp-> Set up -> Personnel -> Buyer -> create new buyer for the new employee created

                  5) Check if the given position is assigned to any heirarchy. PO SU resp-> Setup -> Personnel -> Position -> reporting to. Get the heirarchy name
                  Query it in PO SU resp-> Setup -> Personnel -> Position Heirarchy and confirm.

                  6) Check the approval assignment for that position and check the limit, exclusions etc.

                  7)If you want to self approve the PO of any value, Assign your position to unlimited approval. Check in PO su resp-> set up-> Purchasing ->Document types . Query for the document type and check the option Owner can approve.

                  8) Finally run the Conc request "Fill Employee Heirarchy" to populate the table PO_EMPLOYEE_HIERARCHIES_all to be used in the PO approval WF.

                  9) Create a new PO, and try approving or forwarding for approval or self approve as applicable from step 7.