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    Change Maintenance Work Order Detail Report in Print WO page


      I would like to ask you for your help. We would like to have different report in Print WO function than Maintenance Work Order Detail Report. I mean SSM responsibility > Search for WOs > click Print WO icon. We applied patch #9871500 (I found it there: Templates associated to datadefinitions other than 'EAMWRREP' are not shown in the Work Order Detail report in EAM [ID 1209703.1]). I did personalizations steps - I defined new data definition (for example TEST) and report with data definition TEST is shown in the option on Print WO page now... But how should I it define to have correct result? What should be defined in Executable, Concurrent Program, Data Definition and Data Template? I have RDF and RTF files for this report. We are using different SQL than it is used in the original report. How could be used our SQL defined in RDF?

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