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    After upgrading APEX to 4.1 the application 4950 is not working anymore


      After installing an Oracle Database 11g XE Beta on a Ubuntu 11.04 x64 server the application web page was accessible as it should.

      Then I upgraded the apex application to 4.1 following (hopefully) all upgrading steps, and the APEX 4.1 is working just fine; but the is giving me an Error ERR-1014 Application not found, application 4950 workspace=10 (and also is asking me to log in, but I have seen that if I am using a stupid page is asking me always for it).

      Just as a note, after the upgrade I have dropped the old User APEX_040000 as mentioned in the installation guide. Most probably the application 4950 was installed only on the old user, not migrated to the new one.

      Is it any way to put back this 4950 application on apex 4.1? I have another oracle 11g xe beta instance available, with the original apex version, but I don't know how to do the application migration from one apex version to 4.1.

      Thank you
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          application 4950 is part of 11.2 XE, not part of APEX 4.0, so you don't have it on any other database running APEX 4.0. (Well, unless someone used a hack to export this application from 11.2 XE and imported it there). If you install a standard APEX instead of the one that shipped with XE, you'll lose all XE-specific extensions. This has been the same with the management application provided with 10.2 XE - if you installed for instance APEX 4.0 as upgrade or fresh install on top of this release, you had "just" a standard APEX.
          Of course you could ask why this application isn't migrated like user applications. As far as I know, no "system" application (area 4000+) is migrated. For the internal applications is obvious - they get updated and hence reinstalled. This XE management application is, as I said before, not part of APEX, so it is not maintained by the people who develop APEX. If they would just migrate it to a new APEX release, it's likely it would either not work or possibly mess up your system, as at least the APEX internal parts will probably have changed enough to make adjustments necessary. Of course you could claim you'd like the XE development team to support other APEX versions as well. But that's the point in XE: There is no support, no updates, whatsoever. The possibility to upgrade APEX at all is the big exception, but it somehow also proves the rule.

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            Thank you for your answer, I was afraid of that, I saw that when I have upgraded 10g XE to APEX 4. But I hoped that this time, on 11g XE, the things has been changed.

            There is still a chance in the final version of 11g XE to have the latest APEX 4.1 included. Anyhow, this is not an issue as the APEX database application is not as useful as the administration web page of Oracle 11.2 database (full version), but it was nice to have it.