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    Apex not available after reboot

      Using linux 64bit edition on Fedora 15. No errors on the install. I set the default port to 8081 so it wouldn't conflict with tomcat. I was able to get into Apex after the install. Now forward to the next day. The oracle-xe script in /etc/init.d does not start the XE database. I create the home directory for the oracle user, and add the setenv.sh variables to .bash_profile. Now I can su - oracle to be the oracle user. I can run lsnrctl start just fine. sqlplus / as sysdba gets me to an idle instance. Run startup to get the database instance running. I also ran alter user anonymous account unlock; and then restarted the listener and database. No luck there. Running select DBMS_XDB.GETHTTPPORT() from dual; returns 8081.

      In the browser, I try

      I get "Problem loading page" in firefox.

      Any help appreciated! Thank you, Ken
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          Check the listener status output. In the Endpoints Summary ... section there should be a TCP entry for http, at your apex port, if its not there it will not work.

          And if the database isn't running, its not going to work either.
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            I did make sure the database is running. ps -ef returns the usual list of XE processes.
            Listening Endpoints Summary...

            This does not contain port 8081. If this is the missing element, then is this another entry in listener.ora? Copy and past the previous entry with port 1521 and replace that with 8081?

            Thanks, Ken