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    hi all I have a doubt in report

      I have written the below querry in report builder
      select case when deptno=10 then empno else null end from emp 
      I got c/d symbol in data model diagram .
      and when i modified the query as
      select * from emp then i didnt got any symbol in data model diagram.
      why am getting this symbol is this because of case in select statement ?

      please help me to clear this doubt .
      thanks for all in advance
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          This means that your Query is not linkable. You can not rely on Reports builder to build a link between this query and an other one (on the same data model). Instead, you have to manage your link by code in the where clause.

          The case is the cause of the C/D symbol. Thers are other reasons why Reports builder will put a C/D (to make your query not linkable), like writing a subquery in your select clause.

          Hope this helps

          Mohamed Dadi