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    Ldom vdisk backend  from NFS Share


      I was trying to add a NFS share for Ldom virtual disk but its not working following are the steps which i used

      1. I 'm using Ldom Manager 2.1 with latest firmware on my T5220.

      2. Created a zfs dataset on a server with ample storage.

      #zfs list emcpool1/vol09
      emcpool1/vol09 30.0G 238G 30.0G /VMshare

      3. Share the /VMshare with nfs and export.

      #showmount -e nfs_server
      export list for nfs_server
      /VMshare (everyone)

      4. Use automount to mount /VMshare on my T5220

      #ls -lth
      total 62922707
      -rw------T 1 root root 30G Sep 1 08:58 boot.img

      T5220_Primary# pwd

      5. Trying to add the boot.image from the nfs export as virtual disk device but get following error though the share is accessible via automount w/o any issues.

      # ldm add-vdsdev /net/nfs_server/VMshare/boot.img disk1@primary-vds0
      Path /net/nfs_server/VMshare/boot.img is not valid on service domain primary

      df -h .
      Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
      268G 30G 238G 12% /net/nfs_server/VMshare

      I have read in no. of blogs/articles that we can add the nfs based disk backend but none shows the command ..

      Can any one plz tell me if its possible and if yes then what i 'm doing wrong .. any help would be appreciated.