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    Create perpendicular view


      I have created a simple application where there is a polygonal plane drawn against a light blue background. At the click of a button I want to be able to make the polygonal plane perpendicularly seen. How can I rotate the entire view? There could be other objects in the scene which need to maintain their same positions on the rotation.

      Could anyone please help?

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          The view of the camera is pointing down (-Z axis)

          You must rotate the camera 90 degrees around the X axis (or Y) to guide the eye to the horizon.

          // PASS 1 - Get Transform3D the universe
          Transform3D lOb_Transform3D_Universe = new Transform3D( );
          TransformGroup cOb_TransformGroupUniverse = TheObject_SimpleUniverse.getViewingPlatform( ).getViewPlatformTransform( );
          cOb_TransformGroupUniverse.getTransform( lOb_Transform3D_Universe );
          // PASS 2 - Rotate the view 90 degrees on axis X
          lOb_Transform3D_Universe.rotX( Math.toRadians( ( double ) 90.00 ) );
          // PASS 3 - Update the rotation of the universe
          cOb_TransformGroupUniverse.setTransform( lOb_Transform3D_Universe );

          Now the camera is looking at the horizon with a height of 0. Remember also to raise the height !!!

          - Finish ! -