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    Form Builder crashes while saving .fmb file when connected to db


      I am getting error The instruction at "0x679c352c" referenced memory at "0x0000001c". The memory could not be "read".

      Forms version is and database version is

      I am doing the following steps:
      1) Open .fmb file in forms builder
      2) Connecting to database
      3) Making some changes in form
      4) Compiling (Ctrl+Shift+K) and generating form (Ctrl+t)
      5) Saving form <--- Here I am getting the error and form crashes

      If I do not connect to database then builder is allowing me to save the file
      1) Open .fmb file in forms builder
      2) Making some changes in form
      3) Saving form (Successful)

      I did some exercise just as a guess that may some part of the form is causing this error. I full expanded all components of the form i.e. blocks, canvases, triggers etc.

      This exercise produced that 3 program units were giving same error while full expending those. I deleted those 3 program units and re-created them. Now it is not showing me this memory error while full expanding all program units. I can now fully expand my full form.

      But I am still getting this error while saving the changes when I am connected to database.

      Please help.


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