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    Autovue Integration

      integer i_result
      OLEObject myoleobject

      myoleobject = CREATE OLEObject

      i_result = myoleobject.connecttoobject("", "autovue.application")
      if i_result<>0 then i_result = myoleobject.connecttonewobject( "autovue.application")

      This application runs fine on computers using Windows XP but it fails on a computer using Windows 7 with return value of
      -2. After installing XP OS Autovue we can find an entry in register "autovue.application" ,but for windows 7 its not coming pls help me ..
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          Ricardo Av-Oracle
          Before we can answer we will need the version of AutoVue you are using, and the IDE (version, is it VB/VBA?, please confirm), the OS (x32/x64)
          From the looks of it, permission to create the object might not be available (requested) or the app is not in the registry (lookup for the registry entry then for the CLSID and the associated handler)
          if they are not there or the path they point to is invalid, you have a problem with your installation of AutoVue