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    Need Recomandation For a Validation Service

    Turkmen Mustafa
      Hi ,
      In our Order Management Solutiıon We have CRM-ORACLE SOA SUITE-ORACLE METASOLVE . In order to have the perfect order delivered correctly to metasolve we will develop a soa service between CRM and SOA SUITE. This service will get the CRM order and check the order.xml fields. If any of the mandatory fields are blank this service will return an error to CRM.

      What might the techniccal solution be? an esbRS which has an transformation xsl which makes the mandatory checks with xsl xpath functions? or an external java service which will be called from esb and return the validation result?

      Any recomendation would be appreciated???

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          I would recommend you to use the features of Schematron in Oracle SOA Suite to achieve this. Schematron can be used for field level validation for an xml message.

          You can see a few examples of it in the Oracle Advanced SOA Suite Page


          Schematron Validation in Oracle BPEL using Custom XPath Function Aug-2011

          You can use Schematron OOTB in a Mediator Component. To use it inside your BPEL project you can leverage the code available in the above blog.
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            Turkmen Mustafa
            thanks for the recomendation . I guess this does not work with SOA Suite 10.1.3??
            Actually Our environment now is running on Oracle SOA 10.1.3