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    OSB cloud module installation - Could not authenticate to OTN

      I am setting up OSB cloud module on Amazon AMI using setup_osbws.sh. This script ask for lot of inputs including Amazon & OTN credentials.

      1) Somehow it is not able to authenticate the OTN credentials.

      2) In the end, it tries to create a job where it prompts sysman.OSB_backup_job obejct does not exist. Most likely it is because of the 1st error, because using OTN credentials it is supposed to download & install few stuff.

      Please enter your Oracle Technology Network (OTN) Password:

      Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module stores your Amazon Web Services
      credentials in a secure wallet. Please enter the directory where
      you want your Oracle Wallet created [ DEFAULT: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db_1/dbs/osbws_wallet ]:

      Oracle Secure Backup Database Web-Service Install Tool
      Could not authenticate to OTN. **********************************

      Recovery Manager: Release