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    Active-Standby pair with Timesten on Veritas cluterware

      We want to establish an active-standby pair of 2 timesten installations and handle failover using Veritas clusterware(vcs).
      We found a very good document on how to configure active-standby pair for oracle clusterware here:

      But could not find such a document for veritas clusterware, Would all steps mentioned in the doc above apply for veritas clusterware also or would there be any changes. Could anyone point me to a document for veritas clusterware.
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          The only clusterware supported directly by TimesTen is Oracle Clusterware. There is a deep integration between those that is not available for any other cluster manager. If you want to use e.g. Veritas Cluster then you will need to create your own integration and ensure that it covers all possible failure and recovery scenarios. Certainly possible but a great deal of work...

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            Dear Chris,

            A couple of queries on Active-Standby Configuration.

            As far as we have understood the application communicates with the Active TimesTen Node. This carries out a replication with the standby TimesTen Node which replicates with the underlying Oracle Database.

            We have read that we can configure a active standby pair using the command:

            STORE rep1 PORT 21000 TIMEOUT 30
            STORE rep2 PORT 22000 TIMEOUT 30;

            Our query is that after this command is run does TimesTen automatically stop all replication from active node to Oracle or are any other changes to be made in the replication agent configuration.

            Also kindly guide us to some documentation with a practical approach towards setting up a active Standby TimesTen configuration with an Oracle Database.
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              I'm afraid that i don't really fully understand your question. Full details on TimesTen replication including detailed information on Active Standby pair replication and how to setup and manage an active-standby pair when Oracle caching (cache groups) are being used can be found in the TimesTen Replication Guide which is part of the TimesTen documentation set which is included with the product and which can also be accessed online here:


              Please study the guide in detail and then if you still have questions we can help you here in this forum. Like all replication technologies, TimesTen replication is moderately complex and you need to read the documentation thoroughly before attemtping to use it.


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