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    EBS R12 to EBS R12 Integration Using SOA 11g

      I need to integrate EBS R12 with EBS R12. I am going to share my actual scenario here and expecting some valuable recommendation from SOA practitioners.

      I have two instances of EBS resides at Station-1 & Station-2, both running their own EBS independently and have their own separate users. Lets say a user at Station-1 prepares a custom internal requisition and submit it for approval from different stakeholders (via custom workflow, keep in mind I have 4 users in my workflow hierarchy, first two approval will be done on Station-1 and last 2 will be done on Station-2). I want to migrate this Custom requisition data and its associated workflow (with 2 completed hierarchy) to Station-2, so that users of Inventory Organization at station 2 provide their consent on wokflow. After approval of 4th user on Station-2 this custom requisition will be converted in Standard Requisition of EBS by using standard interface table. and this standard internal requisition will converted in standard internal order. Now this newly created standard Internal Requisition & Internal Order will also be migrated to Station-1 from Station-2. So that user at Station-1 can receive inventory items from Station-2 inventory organization.
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Do you have SOA installed and integrated with R12? If not, please see these docs.

          Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 with BPEL in SOA Suite 11g [ID 1070257.1]
          Useful Articles for the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack for Technical Consultant / DBA [ID 828157.1] -- SOA/BPEL/Webservices
          Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 with Oracle BPEL available in Oracle SOA Suite 11g [ID 1321776.1]
          Installing Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway, Release 12 [ID 556540.1]
          Troubleshooting and Known Issues for EBS SOA Suite Deployment in R12.1.1 [ID 797596.1]

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            SOA Suite 11g and Fusion Middleware is installed working fine but I need to know the possiblity of my above posted scenario.