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    Acces Filesystem on Windwos Mobile 6.5


      I want to read and write textfiles on the filesystem of a windows mobile device.
      The mobile device ist running on windows mobile 6.5. According to my research is JavaFX 1.2 the latest Version for Windows Mobile 6.5.

      I develop the projekt with Netbeans 6.8.

      The only possibility to wirte files I released with javafx.io.Storage:
              var entry = Storage {
                          source: "example.txt"
              var resource = entry.resource;
              var outputstream = resource.openOutputStream(true);
      But the file will not write direkt on the filesystem but in a sandbox of the JavaFX Environment.

      I tried some other examples but they run only on "normal" windows but not on the windows mobile.

      Now my question: Is it possible to write direct on the filesystem of the device and if yes how can I do that?

      And are there other options to transfer Datas to the mobile device? What's about ftp ist this possible?

      Thanks for helping!