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    Peformance issue with iSetup for loading fnd_flex_value_norm_hierarchy recs


      The customer site where I am working in currently has implemented isetup to load data from Hyperion DRM to Oracle GL. They are currently on 11i.AZ.F patch level.

      The customer has constantly had problems in two areas with iSetup -

      1. iSetup has a limitation that all existing children records plus new ones being added have to sent in the XML file provided as input to iSetup. For eg. one parent ENTXXX might have 15000 children records i.e records in FND_FLEX_VALUE_NORM_HIERARCHY. Now when 2 children are removed from this parent in Hyperion DRM and these two records sent to Oracle iSetup for getting deleted from the parent, the current implementation stipulates that iSetup requires in the XML input file the remaining 14998 records. Thats how it knows to remove the two nodes. This is a huge performance issue.

      They are looking at loading into iSetup only the two deleted nodes with an action code of DELETE and let iSetup handle this rather than having to provide the entire list of children less the removed nodes for iSetup.

      2. Can we load using the final xml file directly by calling any Java class/process directly rather than going through iSetup Loader Concurrent Request?

      3. Is there any documentation on how to use the isetup Java classes?

      Will upgrading to 11i.AZ.H patch level solve any of the above concerns/issues?