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    Designer 6i Upgrade/Migrate


      Currently we are still developing applications with Designer 6i (client/server based) on an Oracle 10g database. This is not supported anymore, so I'm trying to find out what new development possiblities are available and are best suitable for our company. I was thinking about a migration to Designer 10g, but a friend of mine talked about APEX. I don't know if an application developed with APEX can do the same things as an application developed with Designer and if you can use it for example to open and edit Word documents.
      The existing applications will have to migrate so they remain available to users. Is there a document available where I can read more about the different development tools and their pro's and con's? Any advise is welcome!

      Thank you,
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          Oracle has plenty of papers on the subject here:
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            Are you using Designer to generate your modules? Which generator - Oracle Forms, Web PL/SQL or Visual Basic? If Forms, are you currently running Forms 6i in client/server mode, or web Forms? The last versions of Oracle Designer 10g will still generate Forms 10g applications, but only Web Forms, not client/server. And there is a way to deploy your generated Forms to Forms 11g, re-compile for 11g and run them on the latest version of Forms server. It's a little clunky, but it works, and far less work to transition to a web Forms environment from client/server Forms than to learn a whole new development environment and re-write everything.

            For some comparisons of current development tools for Oracle databases, look for some articles for ODTUG by Sten Vesterli - here's a link to the slides from his 2010 presentation on the topic:
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              Yes I'm using Designer 6i to generate the Oracle Form modules in client server mode. Do I understand correctly that it is possible to migrate the forms to 11g and still use them in client server mode? I'll check out the link, thank you very much!
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                Mark Striekwold
                In Forms 9i the major part for running client/server is taken out of Forms. So when you upgrade your Forms 6i to i.e. Forms 11g you will run it as webforms.