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    printerjob, awt headless mode and mac os x server

      i've an application that print a page using classes like jframe, jpanel, jtable, etc
      when i run it on a linux server or on a windows one there are no problems, but when i try to print this page on mac os x server 10.6.8 i get this error:
      on system dock appear a java icon named org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap and the printed page comes empty. if i set the visibility property to true i can see the correct page, but i can't print!
      I've searched on google and i found various articles that say to set JAVA_OPTS to awt headless = true. i've tryed but i've obtained an headlessexception, because i use jframe etc that need headless mode disactive...so what can i do?

      i want to print with a shared network windows printer, if i print with textedit all go well, the problem appears only using java PrinterService class

      thanks in advance