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    PT Upgrade 8.51.04 Issues


      We're trying to run the PeopleTools (8.51.04) upgrade from a VMWare slice (Windows 2008 R2) which connects to an Oracle database (11g R2) on another server. We tried running the upgrade process through both Change Assist and Application Designer and are getting the same issue. The session "shutdowns" after a couple of hours and we get the following error message:

      Fields Application Upgrade Copy started: 2011-09-06-15.12.04
      Object ( (Project)) can not be opened. (78,27)

      Any clues that would lead us in the right direction is greatly appreciated!
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          There could be may reasons for this, one important thing at peoplesoft level could be an invalid PS field in the database.

          Are you using CA to copythe project ?? or app designer directly ??

          Anyhow you can try this to confirm...

          1. In the project copy settings.. deselect fields
          2. run the copy process again

          If the project is copied successfully this time or atleast it does the copy for the next object type after fields, then you have the culprit