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    Audit Vault  10.2.3  &  on AIX


      I have to install Audit Vault on IBM AIX 6.1. I have Audit Vault 10.2.3 DVD.

      When I try to start installation, It gives this error and stops.

      *$ ./runInstaller
      Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

      Checking installer requirements...

      Checking operating system version: must be 5200 or 5300
      Failed <<<<

      Exiting Oracle Universal Installer, log for this session can be found at /tmp

      $ oslevel -s

      But when I try to start installer with -ignoreSysPrereqs it shows the same error but it starts OUI.

      1) Can this Audit Vault 10.2.3 installed on AIX 6.1 with ignoreSysPrereqs as good as Audit Vault installed without ignoreSysPrereqs ?

      Or will there be any problem ?

      2) can I apply 10.2.3 first on this AIX 6.1 system with ignoreSysPrereqs and then apply patchset for AIX 9087650 ? Will it work ?

      Documentation says works with AIX 6.1

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