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    Problems adding a new field for Service Requests

      I am trying to add a new field to the SR List (SRSummary.jspx) in Self Service E-Support. The example in the Siebel Self-Service Application Developer's Guide was adding a field to Accounts which looks to be set up a little differently than Service Requests.

      I added the field to the ServiceReqWS web service in Siebel (by adding it to the ServiceReqIO Integration Object) and verified that a query returns that field. It looks like this web service returns data for all elements passed into the web service call.

      I then regenerated the proxy classes in E-Support from the new WSDL and repackaged the eservice-ws-proxies.jar with the new proxy class files. Added code for new field to createQuery method of SRSummaryData.java and ViewRowImpl method of SRSearchResultsVOImpl.java. Then added a column to SRSummary.jspx.

      The new column shows up on the SRSummary page, but there is no data in it. Using WireShark while running the application, I can see that there is no element for the new field in the web service call to Siebel, therefore Siebel does not return data for that field back fromt eh web service.

      I am not sure what I have missed or what else I need to do to get E-Support to request that new field from the Siebel web service call.