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    ORA-23375: feature is incompatible with database version

      I cannot make advanced replication to work. Spent entire day reading various sites without any success.
      I'm getting aforementioned ORA-23375 error when I try to register master site (slave one) with call to
      GNAME => 'REP_TEST',
      master => 'DEV.INSOFT.LT',
      use_existing_objects => TRUE,
      copy_rows => FALSE,
      propagation_mode => 'ASYNCHRONOUS');
      I have set GLOBAL_NAMES to true on both DBs, and have checked database links with simple selects.
      The only concern I have is about "compatibility" parameter. One of my DB runs Enterprise Edition
      ** and other Enterprise Edition v10. Each has "compatibility" parameter set to exact
      version running. Could THIS be the problem? If so, any way to lower "compatibility" parameter value?
      Thanks in advance.