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    Special Character in Filename script - how do I escape it.

      Hello All. I'm attempting to call a file in sqlplus on a linux box. The file name has a special character.

      ex: i$_my_script.sql

      I've attempted to use







      All to no avail. I could have sworn I'd called a similar file with $ in the filename before but now I can't get it to work. Preference would be to no have a special character in the filename ... but the file is coming in from a source I don't have control over. I could rename the file but the file resides in a source control system and I'd prefer not to have to rename it every time I want to compile it.

      Thanks in advance.
      Also as a note I can see the file in sqlplus by sending ls to the command line as follows:

      SQL> ! ls i\$_my_script.sql

      which returns


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