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    BUG - APEX 4.1 - List template output

    Stephen Blair

      Prior to APEX 4.1 my list templates output valid nested lists in the form:
      It appears that changes have been made in 4.1 that modify how the list template sub-templates are used. I cannot see why this was necessary and I cannot fully understand the changes. From my investigations it appears that closing </li> tags are added automatically in certain circumstances and that sub lists now begin before the parent item is finished.

      It seems to me that the recent changes were made to fix a problem with incorrectly designed templates in older APEX themes that output invalid nested lists:
      Since the old list template implementation was perfectly capable of outputting valid nested lists in a logical way, and the new implementation makes assumptions about sub-template content and resorts to automatically outputting HTML (never useful for theme designers), I would suggest that there was nothing wrong with the old implementation, just the old templates, and that the previous implementation be reinstated and the incorrect templates updated instead.

      Unless anyone can offer another reason as to why these changes were made to a system that worked perfectly well to begin with?

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          Earl Lewis

          Are you perhaps using dynamic lists with the list template, where you're having this trouble? Just curious because I'm having trouble getting dynamic lists to work with a list template that works perfectly fine for a static list but goes to hell when the dynamic list comes into play.

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            I have also noticed this behaviour in a hierarchical menu list as we are migrating from ApEx 3.2 to ApEx 4.2 (and from 10 to 11g). The effects were particularly bad in IE. The new ApEx seems to ignore everything after and including the li tag in the list templates, and puts the end li tags in where it thinks best (not always correct).

            I have a dynamic list, and I experience real trouble if a list item has a sublist, but the sublist item does not show on that particular page (but the list item does). It makes the ul tag bit, but never gets around to putting in the end ul tag, so all subsequent list items are "indented".

            I got around it by making a dummy child item "span class="skip" /span" in the list, which always shows if no other child does. This forces ApEx to make the end ul tag. It is not elegant, but it works (for me).

            (Sorry, I can't figure out how to put in angle brackets.)

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