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    Video Distribution

      I'm active military working on a project involving a Unix based computer using SunOS version 5.8. I need to take the video output of this computer system and make it into a component/composit? video signal that can be plugged into a VCR.

      My question is what is the refresh rate and screen resolution for this operating system and if its not one standard assignment how can I find out what my particular one is?

      If you have any idea of what a regular TV's screen resolution is that would be handy to but I don't expect to find that answer here. I know the TV's refresh rate needs to be around 60hz. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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          There were very few x86 based systems running Solaris 8.
          There were almost NONE such systems owned by governmental branches.
          Thus we will presume yours is SPARC-based.

          Let's play "Twenty Questions"...
          (1) Copy and paste the output from
          fbconfig -list
          (2) Copy and paste the output from
          uname -a
          (3) Copy and paste the output of
          cat /etc/release
          (4) As root user, copy and paste the output from
          */usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag -v*

          We'll start from there.

          Right up front, we'll guess the current output of your system is at Sun's standard of 1152x900 @ 66Hz vertical refresh which eliminates compatibility with current flat panel computer monitors.
          We'll also like to mention that adapter hardware to specifically convert that signal to analog composite hasn't been manufactured for about 15 years.
          See this link from a non-Sun/non-Oracle archive of an old version of the Sun System Handbook.

          If you have access to any associates in your group that are certified genius's with a soldering iron, you could invent something yourself. A link to video port pinouts is linked here to that same unofficial web site.
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            Thanks I figured out my question via other means but I do appreciate the rapid response. And yes it turns out my system is SPARC based. My video specifics ended up being after swapping in a computer monitor that tells you whats inputed into it.

            Hf 63.8kHz
            Vf 59.7Hz

            My problem is that not all televisions can see such a high resolution so I need to use a scaler to change it from 1280x1024 to 800x600. I was trying to just change the resolution in the Unix based operating system but we're just going to get a "Scaler" from blackbox.
            Link To Scaler:

            Thanks again,

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              If you `require` that current 1280x1024 output, that's fine, but if we can determine which video circuitry you are using, you could be guided to just change the output to 1024x768 or the 800x600 that you mentioned.

              Perhaps that would simplify things and reduce your expenditure.

              Again, what do you get when you do:
              fbconfig -list