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    Sun T5240 with XVR-300 output on IP KVM problem

      Hi Guys,

      I'm facing an issue with my new T5240. It's configured with an XVR-300 graphical card. But we are unable to get output on the IP KVM switch.
      When we use a local screen with keyboard and mouse, the server boot and run normaly. But when connecting server to the KVM switch, it hang at booting just after POST and screen stays blank!!!

      All OBP variables are good:
      screen = SUNW,XVR-300
      output-device = screen
      input-device = keyboard

      I suspect the KVM switch as not compatible with this graphical card. I took tour on this 2 posts:


      Any idea? I want to tell to the costumer about imcompatible issue, but I have any offical document as reference!!

      Please help!