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    Internal Requisition through Web service

      hi Gurus

      suppose there are two EBS instances (vision 1 and 2). If we want that an internal requisition that is created in vision 1 has to be served by processing in vision 2, is it possible through requisition import program or any other technology/interface? the problem is that both ebs instances belong to child organisation of a single enterprise. each child organisation has its own ebs implementation, however, for demand and issue of items, vision 1 is dependent upon vision 2 and the demand is served through inventory as both belong to same enterprise thus IR (internal requisition) is created in one instance and ISO (Internal Sales Order) is generated in other.

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      (PS : pardon lay-man use of terminologies)

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          Alejandro Sosa-Oracle

          I do not know much of the details of this implementation but as per your description it looks you can use the business integration provided by the Workflow Business Event System (BES). Please take a look at the chapter 'Managing Business Events' in the Oracle Workflow Developer’s Guide. Basically you define the systems (instances) and the agents that will communicate the messages (with the data) that you want to be processed.

          Hope this helps.
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