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    Error Generating Form against external application database

      I'm hoping the answer to this is simple, as others in the office can do this without any trouble, but can't remember how they made it work...

      My client has their repository and application schemas in separate databases. When I try and generate a form from the Design Editor, I get the following error:

      CDG-01281 ERROR: Module OASF95110: Oracle Forms binary file for MAINTAIN TARIFF AGREEMENT has NOT been created
      CDG-03418 WARNING: Module Component OASF95110.TARIFF_AGREEMENT: Missing action item to navigate to 'TARIFF_AGREEMENT_PARTNER'
      CDG-03400 WARNING: Module Component Table Usage OASF95110.TARIFF_AGREEMENT.TARIFF_AGREEMENT.TARIFF_AGREEMENT: 'Closed loop' of mandatory foreign keys found
      CDG-01263 ERROR: Module Component Table Usage OASF95110.TARIFF_AGREEMENT.TARIFF_AGREEMENT.TARIFF_AGREEMENT: User-defined condition (Table level Check Constraint TARIFF_AGREEMENT.TRFA_CK1) has an error: PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

      What I seem to be missing, and have not been able to locate in any documentation, is how to tell Designer to look in a different database for the (already generated) schema objects.

      In a copy of the repository where I have generated the necessary objects into the same database as the repository, the form generates flawlessly...