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    Comparing a Variable to a Member


      I have created an 18 month rolling forecast and am having some problems making my business rule roll up the forcast for only the 18 Months in question.
      I have set 3 Variables as follows:

      &RollupPrd - being the opening period of the forecat
      &EndPrd - Being the closing period in the second year either p9 or p12
      &CurrYr - Being the First year of the forecast.

      The Formula below works fine in the first two years the problem I am having is with the last bit from the second OR Statement. What I am trying to test is that if &RollUpPrd is "Apr" then I want year three values for Jul - Sep calculated if &RollUpPrd is not Apr then I don't want any values calculated.

      Any help would be much appreciated

      IF(((@ISMBR(&RollUpPrd:"Jun") AND @ISMBR(&CurrYr))) OR ((((@ISMBR(@MEMBER(@NEXTSIBLING(&CurrYr))))) AND (@ISMBR("Jul":&EndPrd)))) OR ((((&RollUpPrd) == ("Apr") AND(@ISMBR(@MEMBER(@SHIFTSIBLING(&CurrYr,2))))) AND (@ISMBR("Jul":"Sep")) )))

      -----------Calculations done in Here-------