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    Installing P6 Web Services on SAP PI sql server

      Hello P6 gurus.
      I am presently working for a company that wish to integrate P6 and SAP ERP. For this purpose we would like to use P6 Web Services, but in the installation guide it states that P6 Web Services should be installed on JBoss5.0.1onWindows, OracleWebLogic10gR3 or IBMWebSphere7.0 application server.
      Unfortunately, this is not available to us. Do you know if it instead is possible to install on the following:
      SAP NetWeaver Application Server
      OS: Windows 2003 (amd64) 5.2
      Database: Microsoft SQL Server (9.00.4035)
      Driver Vendor: Open SQL

      If this is possible I would be very interested in how it is done.
      Many thanks in advance.
      Emil Jessen