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    Lost my connections.

      I have problem with my conncetions list in Sql Developer (version with no jre, I'm using jdk1.7). Everything was ok, before I closed sqldeveloper.exe proccess in task manager in windows 7. After that, when I run sql developer once again then all my connections was gone. In Log i have errors:

      oracle.jdeveloper.db.DatabaseConnections: DatabaseConnections has no JNDI context so cannot list connections.
      oracle.jdevimpl.db.adapter.DefaultContextWrapper: Failed to create naming Context for db connections at url: file:/C:/sqldirectory/system3.0.04.34/o.jdeveloper.db.connection.

      I noticed that when I'm trying export my connections to connections.xml or other file then file connections.xml is empty! Even after sql developer saying that export was succeful!

      Also I can say that I've tried solutions from All connections are lost in SQL Developer 1.5
      and I deleted folder AppData/Roaming/SqlDeveloper...

      I have no idea what to do...

      Please help!

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