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    how to suppress Missing and Zero rows in OBIEE SA for Essbase Cube as Sour

      Hi All,
      Currently we have Essbase(ASO) cubes as source for OBIEE.How to suppress #Misssing and Zero rows in OBIEE.
      For example, Dim1 having 4 members and Dim2 having 10 members then it shows 4*10= 40 combinations in Results.

      If we considered Metrics also along with attributes, OBIEE will suppress “No Data” values and shows attributes having Data.

      In Essbase-Excel Combination, Metrics will automatically comes with attributes so there we have option to suppress “No Data” rows under "Essbase Options".

      In our current requirement,Users are selecting only Metadata.Is there any work around where we can suppress even if the measures or metrics are not selected