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    verify-topology script issues when interconnecting Exalogic with Exadata

    Tarun Boyella-Oracle
      Hi All,

      We are using Exalogic Half Rack Machine Patchset v1. We connected Exalogic Half Rack machine with Exadata database Half Rack machine.

      When running verify-topology script from Exalogic machine we are getting below Error message on ib node descriptor even though there are no issues with node descriptors on the switches.

      [ Exalogic Machine Infiniband Cabling Topology Verification Tool ] [ERROR] switch 2128469011a0a0 does not configured to set ib node description.

      We see this issue with verify-topology script only after interconnecting Exalogic Machine with Exadata. Before connecting Exalogic Machine with Exadata verify-topology script was running successfully.

      Can someone let me know if verify-topology script works when connecting Exalogic with Exadata? Is above error message expected from verify-topology script in Exalogic and Exadata interconnected environment?

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          user161771 - oracle

          I received this answer from one of engineers.

          Speaking for Exalogic verify-topology I can state that EL v-t only verifies the factory cabling specifications for each of the three factory configurations (half, quarter, full). As soon as you change the cabling configuration such that it is no longer per the factory specification, you should expect the current v-t to fail. It is my understand that when you cable racks together, you do indeed disconnect certain point to point connections that v-t expects to be there, and you also introduce new connections that v-t will not check.

          In EL-ED multi rack configurations (and for all other InfiniBand fabrics) you can run ibnetdiscover to check the topology manually and ibdiagnet to perform diagnostics.

          Thanks, James