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    MAxl script error

      MAXL> execute calculation ABC.ABC.uncorp;

      ERROR - 1051030 - Application ABC does not exist.

      MAXL> execute calculation '@RELATIVE ("UNKNOWN CORP CODE",0);' on ABC.ABC;

      ERROR - 1051030 - Application ABC does not exist.

      Can any one help me why I am getting this error? Actually applucation was existed in the server and I am able to see it in adminconsole also. But I am not finding the root cause when I ran it in Command prompt by enabling maxl mode i am getting this error.
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          Depending on essbase version, your essbase.sec file could have been corrupted and causing these issues. Do you have a backup of your clean security file? If no, try to create a new application and database and then copy outline and data from old app. Then you can rename the new app to your needed name.
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            This error is because the Analytic Services cannot find the mentioned application directory.

            Possible solution are:-

            -> If the application was copied or deleted using file system controls (such as Windows Explorer or the cp or rm commands), create a dummy application with the original name and use Analytic Services copy or delete the application correctly.
            -> Make sure that the directory exists in the correct location.
            -> Make sure that you have the correct operating system privileges for the listed directory.
            -> See if another user has locked the directory.
            -> Make sure that the following environment variables are set correctly:
            ARBORPATH (PC and UNIX)
            PATH (PC and UNIX)
            LD_LIBRARY_PATH (UNIX only)
            Make sure that the security file is not corrupt.
            If you are using ESSCMD, make sure that the application directory specified in the ESSCMD command is correct.
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              I have to chime in, if your Essbase application is on Linux or UNIX, you could be facing a case sensitivity issue.