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    MOS 407 Proxy Authentication Required

      Hallo everyone,

      this is my first post and me english ist not the best, but i need your help.

      I Install grid11 and everthink works fine.
      But at the configuration point of EMS i habe a problem.

      I go to setup--patching setup.

      defined the proxy configuration an press test.

      https://updates.oracle.com was tested successfully using the Proxy.

      My Oracle Support Credentials Not Set - You have not set the My Oracle Support credentials. Click the left link and supply the missing credentials.
      so i klick apply and go to the credentials.

      fill usernam and passwort and klick apply

      Networking error: Unable to connect to My Oracle Support

      i check the

      [EMUI_13_15_48_/console/pref/mosCredentials] ERROR creds.MOSPrefCredentialsHandler performOneOffLogin.461 - Exception while mosHelper.createMOSState in performOneOffLogin:Unable to get login XML: Cannot establish proxy connection: 407 Proxy Authentication Required

      where can be the error.

      I try erverythink.
      Proxy settings for System
      for Webbrowser
      for yum
      for OUL

      set the proxy in bash_profile
      in wgetrc

      reboot a lot and install twice the whole server.

      nothing help.
      no i have no idea.

      Have you one???

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          Hi Jörg,

          This could be a firewall issue (or proxy definition issue; sorry I am not a expert in this field). Maybe you can check with the firewall administrator if he can look into the firewall logging to see if some request from the Grid Control server are blocked.
          It is best the have a rule that allows all requests from the Grid Control server to the "outside" world, because not just sites like updates.oracle.com and linux.oracle.com are used but also a number of sites you would not expect.

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            This is a bug with OEM-GC11g, in the way that it handles the MOS credentials. It was also a problem ni 10g, until they fixed it. It seems that the proxy setup and the MOS credentials setup are not aware of each other. In other words, you cannot setup/test MOS unless your Proxy is setup, but you cannot setup your Proxy unless your MOS credentials are setup. This was fixed in 10g by including the MOS and the Proxy config info on the SAME screen, and THEN performing the "test". For whatever reason, Oracle decided to split these two settiings in OEMGC11g. My guess is that this can be fixed via manually editing an xml/config file, but this should definitely be addressed with a fix ASAP.
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              Hi Guies

              i have speak with the security network officer. He open the server for the MOS to the proxygateway without authentication.

              It is not direktly a fix, but it works fine.

              thanks a lot for your answers.

              Best Regards
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                FYI: In case anyone else hits this page with the same error, as I did, there is a fix that doesnt require proxy being opened for all. If your network guys wont open the proxy for failover from NTLM to BASIC try this.....

                the underlying issue is that the app server stack didnt support NTLM authentication. There is an enhancement request with Oracle but as of yet its not supported. See Oracle note: OCM:Cannot Connect To NTLM Proxy Server [ID 443727.1]

                Following that note, I downloaded ntlmaps from here

                I downloaded that, the python binaries were required as well from www.python.org

                edit the runserver.bat and point the exe at the python install location
                main.py calls server.cfg in the same directory as runserver.bat.
                the configuration changes needed in that are as follows


                LISTEN_PORT:5865 # this is default

                PARENT_PROXY: <whatever your network proxy is>

                PARENT_PROXY_PORT:80 # this is default


                NT_HOSTNAME: # this can be left blank and it will take the machine at run time

                NT_DOMAIN: < your network domain>

                USER: <os username>


                save the config, open DOS and run the nltmaps runserver.bat and then in IE go to network/connections/proxy server and use proxy address and PORT 5865 (from NTLM config file), open grid control, go to setup, patching, enter same details for proxy ( and 5865) test the proxy for https://updates.oracle.com, enter credentials and it worked

                note: Currently runserver.bat is only set to run manually, ie, not from a service. so anytime you want to connect to oracle support from grid control youll need to run the bat file. Also, the network connections will have to have its proxy reset to the osi proxy if you want to work as normal on there with browser connections to the WWW

                there is a way to add a bat file as a service in windows ut I got round it by just adding a sched task which tested for the python service and ran it if it wasnt up. then again, you may only need it when checking for updates so it may not be needed until then anyway allthough as you have IE pointed at the NTLMAPS proxy yhou may need it if you want to look at anything external.

                Anyhoo, there ye go..