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    Hostname resolution caching?

      Hello everybody,
      I was wondering if OC4J performs some sort of caching of hostnames resolution. Today one of the systems whose web services are invoked by our application changed its ip address. My application stores the ws urls using an alias for the hostname, so that modifying the hosts file on the operating system should be enough to manage a situation like this. Nonetheless, we observed that our server still tried to contact the external system on its old ip address; restarting the server did the trick, but now our clients are complaining since this step should not be needed.
      Could it be that OC4J was configured to cache the hostname resolution, thus bypassing the information inside the hosts file, until it was restarted? Or must my problem be somewhere else?
      I'm sorry but i don't have details at hand about the server version and configurations, since i am no system administrator, i did not install the server and moreover i have not direct access to the machines. I think this issue should only be tied generic oc4j capabilities, but if you think you could use some details, i should be able to directly access the server and collect them in a few days.
      Thanks in advance,

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          Yes we have the same experience.
          And we did file a SR with Oracle, but response was that this is the way it works!

          It is a major problem, because it actually means a tight coupling between oc4j and external system.
          When external system has a hardware crash, or is migrating to different server for some reason, the
          oc4j needs to be restarted.

          So the web service consumer needs to be involved when there is a ip address change on web service provider.
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