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    Message Formation Using OSB 11g-- Need Help.

    pranav shah
      I am facing an issue with some weird message processing requirement from the client side.I will sum up the process pointwise-

      1) The clients sends a "full" xml document as an invoice.
      2) It is required for the osb breakdown this "full" xml documents into two parts.Both the parts would be derivatives of the "FULL" xml document i.e. they will have the same structure as the "full" xml document but would have some child nodes as empty(I suppose we can use delete activity here).
      3)Both the derivative xmls will call the same end point at two different times i.e. The first derived xml will call the end point uri first and then when the response is a Sucrets, we will construct the second xml and call the same end point uri again.

      My initial approach to this problem was-
      1)Assign the whole body to a temp variable as soon as the first activity in the proxy.This can be used later when we need to have the full structure again
      2) use the delete activities and delete the child elements which are not required in order to from the first derivative xml.Use this xml and route to the end point.
      3) After the first routing use the temp variable i formed in step 1 to retrieve the initial "full" body.Now apply modifications in this full body as done in step 2 and again call the same end point uri.

      The Problems which i am facing-
      1) I am not able to store the $body to a temp variable (i need exactly the same "Full" xml structure to be stored which the client sends initially)
      2)I am facing an issue with the delete activity to delete a node which is contained in an array type of parent node,hence this node which i want to delete is not visible in the structure pane of the editor
      3) Does osb allow multiple routing in the same service.Like i mentioned 1st stage and then a route then 2nd stage then a route?

      I would be helpful for any help on these issues as its become a production issue.